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Climate chambers

For R&D purposes in Metslawier, IVL Commercial Refrigeration equipped four climate chambers for tissue culture and storage purposes.

Tissue Culture Chambers

Two-climate chambers were installed in which conditions may be maintained at temperatures from 15 to 25°C with a relative humidity of 50 to 70%. Each chamber is digitally regulated. The climate chambers were designed with features that can be adjusted in five levels (total more than 140 m2) with lighting (240 fluorescent fixtures installed) and shelf cooling. Cooling occurs by means of cold water (originating from the main cold water system), and heating is carried out electrically (required only in special circumstances). Humidification is carried out ultrasonically. Furthermore, each room is equipped with ventilation.

Storage and test space

In addition to the tissue culture climate chambers, there is an area designed for storage between 4 and 8°C. A fourth chamber for use as a test area was also installed in this project. The temperature here can be regulated between 4 and 25°C with a relative humidity of about 50%. Cooling occurs by means of a direct expansion system. Air distribution occurs with textile duct hoses. Humidification takes plac ultrasonically.

Enza Zaden Enkhuizen

For over 70 years Enza Zaden is a producer of successful vegetable varieties (tomato, pepper, cucumber, leafy vegetables, onion, melon and various open field crops, among others) and is one of the largest vegetable breeders in the world.

Redesigning Germination Cells

The existing racks and manifold walls were dismantled and removed. Subsequently, new air divider walls were mounted and adjusted with perforation that allows good air distribution in the existing air coolers. The cells were redesigned with new supports and shelves. After cleaning the existing lighting fixtures were reassembled with new pipes. In areas where there is extensive shelving, the original lighting was supplemented. The enclosures were fitted with additional switches for more lighting.

During this project the ventilation of the cells was also expanded. Lastly new wiring diagrams were designed to bring it entirely up-to-date. Further research can be done in clean, evenly lit and refrigerated areas. During the renovation the research work was disturbed as little possible, and the cells are again fully functioning to the customer’s satisfaction.

Rijk Zwaan R&D

Rijk Zwaan R&D Rijk Zwaan R&D is a global vegetable breeding company focused on the development of high-quality fruit and ranks among the top of vegetable breeders.

Tissue culture with LED lights

A tissue culture cell was designed for experimenting with LED lights in combination with the proven concept of shelf cooling. The company is experimenting with different kinds of LED lighting in various combinations using the Philips GreenPower LED strings, LED production modules and LED research modules. The latter are used in an arrangement in which the distance to the product is variable.

Because the capacity and thus the heat load of the products vary, EC fans can be utilized and the air volume for each level is simple to adjust.

Using LED lighting makes it possible to only use those fractions of the light spectrum that contribute efficiently to photosynthesis. There are extra savings on energy consumption from the lighting because less heat is released in the culture cells which means less needs to be cooled.