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Enza Zaden Turkey

Commissioned by Enza Zaden, IVL Commercial Refrigeration implemented the installation of tissue culture cells in Antalya, Turkey.

In Turkey, Enza Zaden has an R&D station that is located in Serik, Antalya. This is an important area in Turkey because there is increasing potential for horticultural activities. The breeding activities of Enza Zaden in Turkey are mainly focused on tomatoes, mini cucumbers, peppers, melons, zucchini and eggplant. At each R&D station there are heated greenhouses with a total area of 4 hectares and a modern laboratory.

Tissue Culture chambers

Two climate chambers were installed in which conditions can be regulated per chamber with digital controllers at temperatures from 15 to 35°C. The climate feature has positions in five levels (totalling more than 85m2) and is equipped with lighting and shelf cooling. Cooling takes place by means of cold water (originating from a central cold water system), and heating occurs electrically (required only in special circumstances). Each chamber is equipped with ventilation.


KWS SAAT AG has more than 150 years of experience in cultivating crops and is now among the world's top four in this industry. KWS concentrates on crops of sugar beet, corn, cereals, oilseeds and legumes. Headquartered in Einbeck, Germany about 75km south of Hanover.

Climate Chambers

For the benefit of R&D IVL Commercial Refrigeration installed 9 climate chambers for the purpose of tissue culture and storage.

Tissue Culture

The conditions in six climate chambers can be regulated at temperatures from 24 to 28°C with a relative humidity of 50 to 70%. Each chamber can be regulated by means of digital controls, which are connected to monitoring and alerting systems with a Profibus network. The climate chambers are installed with five levels (over 800 m2), lighting (in total 1035 fluorescent fixtures installed) and shelf cooling.

Cooling takes place by means of cold water (originating from the central cold water system), heating occurs electrically (required only in special circumstances). Humidification takes place ultrasonically. Each room is equipped with ventilation.


In addition to the climate chambers for tissue culture, there were three chambers installed for storage; two of which were installed with partial lighting, and one chamber with low r.h. The temperature can be controlled in these chambers between 4 and 12°C at a relative humidity between 40-60%. Cooling takes place by means of water / glycol, originating from a central system. Air distribution occurs with textile duct hoses. Humidification takes place ultrasonically. Drying occurs by means of sorption dryers arranged in the climate chambers. These chambers are also regulated with digital controls connected to the Profibus network. This project, despite the short lead-time, was on schedule and satisfactorily installed thanks to the adroit collaboration between the different disciplines.

Unique project from the viewpoint of IVL

  • Cooperation with the large number of German third-parties involved such as the architect, contractor, construction management, engineering, mechanical- and electrical engineers and Profibus / SCADA specialists.
  • The organization of meeting all German regulations in order to work in Germany.

Zelseed Slowakije

Zelseed is active in growing various vegetables, plants, flowers and corn.

Climate Chambers

On behalf of the branch in Horná Potôň, IVL Commercial Refrigeration B.V. installed two climate chambers for the purpose of vegetation, each with a surface area of about 15 m2. In each chamber ebb and flow tables are arranged along both sides with overhead lighting. The lighting consists of alternating hanging SON-T and HPI-T lamps. Cooling occurs by means of coolers fed with cold water. The cooled air is then distributed through ducts and blown close to the floor. Any heating is provided with electric elements. Each chamber is equipped with an ultrasonic humidifier and a sorption dryer installed in the chamber.

IVL germ cabinets and climate control

The cabinets are equipped with ventilation in which regulation takes place with digital controllers per cabinet. The controllers are connected to a PC that runs a management software package through which the settings are programmed for monitoring and alerting. To cool the two climate chambers a refrigeration machine was installed with hydraulic module (pump and buffer tank) situated within. Four germination/climate -cabinets were also delivered. In this project, the cabinets were equipped with fluorescent lighting in the color combination of 840 and 77 (white and FLUORA). The cabinets were equipped with humidification and sorption dryers.


Given the long distance between Wijk bij Duurstede and Horná Potôň it was of the utmost importance that the project was thoroughly prepared so that all the necessary materials with the correct dimensions could be sent in one shipment. In this way, the project was satisfactorily delivered and implemented on time.