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IVL Tissue Culture

After germination the seeds grow in grow boxes, growth chambers or incubators. The conditions should be optimized with respect to temperature, humidity, air speed and lighting. We deliver customized solutions for optimal growth of your seeds.


Using the unique IVL control technology these factors are controlled and monitored. To ensure ideal conditions 24/7, it is possible to monitor your installation from our location in The Netherlands. We can resolve any malfunctions before they are noted.


By utilizing LED lighting it is possible to only use frequencies of the light spectrum that contribute to photosynthesis. There are extra savings on energy consumption by using LED lighting, because less heat is released in the growth chambers to be cooled off.


With our specialized knowledge we are able to translate your needs into a customized solution. With an IVL solution you are assured of optimal growth process.

Lease or rent

Do you temporarily need a climate cabinet for research? All our drying, germination and climate cabinets can be leased or rented under favorable conditions.

Below are some example IVL solutions:

IVL Tissue Culture Cabinet

The well-known germination and climate control cabinets from IVL are available in different versions.

The tissue culture cabinets are provided with cooling shelving, thereby the product containers are directly blown with conditioned air. It is the ideal environment for trials or for other research purposes.

The cooling of the shelves ensures that the warmth from the lamps has no influence on the product. The cabinet is equipped with the newest generation microprocessor controller, with which all relevant functions can be programmed.

The cabinet comes standard with fluorescent lighting. Options include dimmable lighting or LED lighting.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.

Tissue Culture Cabinet fitted shelving cooling system:

  • Anti-condensation
  • Optimal growth
  • Indirect RV regulation in the growth container
  • Uniform temperature on all shelves
  • Low noise


  • Dimmable lighting
  • LED-lighting

Tissue culture chamber HZPC

For R&D purposes at a Dutch company, IVL Commercial Refrigeration B.V. designed 4 climate control rooms for tissue cultures and storage purposes.

Tissue culture chamber with LED lighting

At Rijk Zwaan R&D in The Netherlands a tissue growth chamber was adapted for experiments with LED-lighting in combination with the proven concept for shelf cooling. They are experimenting with different kinds of LED-lighting in various combinations.