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IVL drying

Seeds constitute the diffusion mechanism for a plant. Because of their ability to be dried seeds are ideal to conserve. When the conditions are optimal, these seeds form the basis for the germination of a new generation. IVL provides custom seed dryers, seed drying cabinets and drum dryers. We specialize in creating the most ideal conditions for drying seeds. The conditions should be optimized with respect to temperature, humidity, air velocity and air circulation.

Control Technology

Our unique IVL control technology, you can easily personalize all factors to accommodate and control per the type of seed. To safeguard these conditions 24/7, it is possible to monitor your installation from our location in The Netherlands. We can resolve all any malfunctions before you detect them.


All of our products are developed in-house. With over 40 years of experience you can be assured of a maximal drying process with an IVL dryer.

Lease or rent

Do you temporarily need a climate cabinet for research? All our drying, germination and climate cabinets can be leased or rented under favorable conditions.

Below are some examples of IVL designed seed dryers:

IVL Small seed dryer

This seed dryer is suitable for quantities of a few kilos. The air volume is fully adjustable.

IVL Seed Drying Cabinet

Static seed drying Cabinet This seed drying cabinet with dimensions of 600 x 600 mm has a capacity of 12 drying trays. The seeds can be dried back to a relative humidity (RH) of 10% at a temperature adjustable between 15 ° C and 30 ° C. Cabinet shown here without drying trays.

IVL Drying Cabinet with 2 compartments

Type: D-KK 2/1 MG CP

The IVL drying cabinet D KK 2/1 MG CP consists of two separate compartments one above the other, each with its own door. Each compartment can be separately regulated with their own cooling circuit and sorption dryer. As a result, the conditions in the compartments can be programmed and maintained independently of each other.

IVL drum dryer for primed seed

IVL the drum dryer is designed to handle small quantities of seed, such as seeds originating from osmosis priming. The drum dryer is designed to dry seeds in which dry air, which is dehumidified by cooling and sorption drying, is used.