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Cutting-edge technology

In recent years IVL Climate Control Technology has gained much expertise and knowledge to meet the specific requirements regarding climate control management by plant / seed breeders. IVL specializes in the design and realization of tissue culture and plant growth chambers as well as germination and climate control cabinets. IVL Climate Control Technology comes with resourceful and expert advice and offers high-tech solutions for seed breeding in agriculture, horticulture and flower sectors among others.

Climate Control

The breeding of food crops and flowers is closely related to climate control. Producing high quality seeds, cuttings and young plants delivered around the world forms an important link in the international agricultural chain. Knowledge in this industry has an innovative technological nature.


Because of high-quality technology IVL has specialized herein to achieve the right solution for the inquiry, i.e. future products. Our scope is global. There is a great need for knowledge and expertise in this area, both in the industry and in academic laboratories.


Tailor-made solutions are developed and realized by our in-house engineers.

Lease or rent

Do you temporarily need a climate cabinet for research? All our drying, germination and climate cabinets can be leased or rented under favorable conditions.