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IVL Germination

The well-known germination - climate control cabinet from IVL is available in different versions. The germination cabinets are specially designed for the germination of seeds and delivered fully customized as required.

Germination takes place when the conditions are optimal. Under ideal conditions, seeds germinate and grow into healthy seedlings. The germination cabinets from IVL are designed to reproduce optimal conditions and are used to determine the germination strength of seeds.

Control Technology

IVL control technology makes it simple to customize, fine-tune and control the conditions in the cabinet. Humidity, temperature, lighting, ventilation and air speed are optimally controlled.

Control technology offers plenty of space to test the correct settings for you and provides access to the adjustment and reading of the values for day- and nighttime temperatures and the switching times for lighting.

Lease or rent

Do you temporarily need a climate cabinet for research? All our drying, germination and climate cabinets can be leased or rented under favorable conditions.

IVL Germination Cabinet – Climate Control Cabinet

IVL’s renowned germination and climate control cabinets have been available in different versions for many years.

By adding options, the cabinets are customizable to your specific needs.

Energy savings can be achieved by choosing a version with LED lights. Because LED-illumination emits less heat, there is less energy consumed for the refrigeration of the climate control cabinet.

All cabinets are built and tested in our own facilities in which the cabinets fully comply with all applicable regulations. They are delivered fully wired and ready for operation. Complete documentation is provided. We are happy to provide further information or quotation.


  • Germination Cabinet temperature range: +2 / + 40 ° C


  • Minimal temperature discrepancies in the cabinet
  • Shelving: 8x dimensions 530 x 650 mm


  • dimmable lighting
  • LED-lighting
  • Humidifying function up to 85% RH
  • Drying function up to 15% RH
  • Removable shelving

IVL Germination Cabinet SS 100% RH

IVL Germination Cabinet 100% atmospheric humidity

A special version of the well-known germination-climate control cabinets from IVL is the 100% RH version. The cabinet is made of stainless steel and is designed for the germination of seed on paper.

In this particular version cooling of the air takes place indirectly by a water-cooled air cooler with a relatively large heat-exchanging surface. Cold water is warmed up to temperature by a DX cooling aggregate operating with R134a and a soldered plate exchanger. In this same circuit there is also an electric heating element so that the temperature can be maintained even with the lighting turned off.

The advantages:

  • The compressor and air-cooled condenser are located on top of the cabinet. The excess heat is released into the surrounding air. Humidification is carried out by means of an ultrasonic humidifier.
  • The cabinets are equipped with a digital control and timer function, which, like the lighting, can be switched on and off when changing or setting the temperature.
  • All versions have solid double-insulated casing. To easily move the cabinet it comes equipped with wheels (2x fixed, 2x swivel).
  • With the well thought-out design, a very small temperature gradient in the cabinet (≤ 0.2 K) is reached. The temperature in the culture compartment is not affected by the heat generated by the lights, which is separated from the culture compartment by means of double pane glass.
  • The germination cabinet has (depending on the integrated lighting), a temperature range of +8 to +38 ° C.
  • The cabinet comes standard with 23 shelves (WxD 450 x 550 mm) and are removable for more or less shelves.
  • The basic version of the cabinet is fitted with six fluorescent fixtures, three on each side (with HF ballast) at 36 W in the color 840.
  • By adding options, the cabinet can be customized to your specific needs.

Options include:

  • Dimmable fluorescent lighting
  • LED lighting in several versions

The energy savings obtained through the use of LED lighting pays off double. Because LED lighting emits less heat that also means less cooling is needed. Therefore the amount of energy used by the cooling of the germination-climate control cabinet also decreases. The cabinets are constructed and tested in our facility. They are delivered fully wired and operational with complete documentation.

For further information, please refer to the relevant brochure. We are happy to assist you with questions or provide a quotation.

Enza redesigned germination cells

These existing racks and air distribution walls were dismantled and removed. Subsequently, new air divider walls were mounted and adjusted with perforation that was achieved with the existing air coolers for good air distribution..