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Commercial Refrigeration

Specialists in Cooling

IVL is specialized in the design and installation of refrigeration installations for cooling and storing fruit. Projects are nationally and internationally implemented. Customers are producers, trading companies and auctions. We develop and produce innovative and practical solutions that enhance the efficiency of the storage of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore IVL installs refrigerator / freezers for distribution centers and auctions, catering, and fruit and vegetable wholesalers.

Cooling of fresh produce

With over 40 years of experience in the refrigeration sector IVL provides installations in which products are preserved under perfect conditions for a longer freshness guarantee. A good commercial cooling installation ensures that your customers receive fresh produce under all circumstances.

Cold rooms

Not only can IVL develop small, simple solutions but also fully automated systems with many cooling and freezing rooms. We provide the design and the complete installation along with any fittings and maintenance. We offer complete solutions, and you can be assured of professional, certified and rapid implementation. Our advanced self-designed process controlled systems take the worry out of the freshness of your produce.

CO2 Transcritical Cooling

Innovation Advantage
IVL remains innovative by developing more cooling technology expertise in relation to product quality. New resources such as CO2 offer the opportunity for improved heat transfer thus providing more even dehumidification. This makes the cell more controllable.

Objective: "A better quality with a longer storage time and sales period with HFC-free refrigeration." A longer storage time has positive effects on economic outcomes for growers. With this advantage IVL distinguishes itself in the market.

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